AI as an Ally, Not an Enemy

October 20, 2023

Recently it was Artificial Intelligence appreciation day, a date that miraculously appeared in everyone’s online calendar… as if from nowhere. It coincided with the release of the latest Mission Impossible film, Dead Reckoning Part 1, in which Tom Cruise does battle, not with a terrorist cell or looney despot, but an AI known as ‘The Entity’. Coincidence?

But seriously, some individuals, particularly those in creative fields, may feel a sense of apprehension regarding AI’s potential impact on their work. We believe, however, it is important to recognise that AI can be a powerful tool for creativity, rather than a threat to it.

AI should be seen as a collaborator rather than a replacement for human creativity. While tools like Chat GPT or Midjourney can help generate ideas, they both lack the depth of human emotion, experiences, and imagination. AI algorithms can help streamline processes and assist in generating initial concepts or providing inspiration, but it is the creative mind, that unique je nais se quois, that adds the essential touch of emotion to transform those ideas into meaningful artistic expressions.

Despite what you might have seen on TV about the glamorous life of a designer or video editor, digital creatives can often find themselves burdened with repetitive and mundane tasks. These consume time and energy, diverting focus from the core creative process. AI tools can automate these kinds of tasks, sorting data, batch photo editing, content organisation, and allowing creatives to devote more time to the aspects that truly require human ingenuity.

By relieving a creative person of this admin, AI therefore liberates their capacity for imaginative thinking.

As an agency that deals with healthcare providers, we’re excited to see how AI can be implemented to enhance the treatment of healthcare professionals by analyzing patient data, medical records, and relevant scientific literature. AI algorithms can help physicians in formulating treatment plans, predicting disease progression, and recommending appropriate interventions. It’s all very positive.

AI can therefore collaborate, enhance creativity, automate mundane tasks, open new creative possibilities, and even help to improve our lives. However, as with all tools, it should always be seen as a complementary device to human expertise and clinical judgment.

So no need to call in Tom Cruise. Unless, y’know, you want to.

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