Will Duffin on From Skydiving Docs to Midwife Pilots: Extreme Medicine

Episode 12

We always have a great time recording our Trail Blazers episodes and we have spoken with some amazing guests over the last few months.

But our latest episode really gets your pulse racing.

In this episode, Johnny is joined by Dr Will Duffin, Joint Medical Director at World Extreme Medicine, a leading provider of education, conferences, consultancy, and medical cover in extreme medicine.

Join us as we embark on a journey of science, health and adventure, where we venture beyond textbooks into the thrilling world of real-life medical challenges and discover the reciprocal benefits of disaster relief missions and their impact on medical professionals.

In this episode we explore the extraordinary stories of overachieving individuals like the skydiving doctor and the midwife pilot. We chat about how Extreme Medicine breaks the paradigm of traditional medical training and embraces innovation, as well as raising awareness for the genuine importance of extreme medicine beyond its "gimmicky" connotations. 

You will bear witness to the energising effect and invaluable skills brought back by medical professionals from extreme missions and delve deep into the innovation cycle driven by necessity in extreme medical settings.

Johnny and Will discuss the need to adapt, improvise, and innovate: the essential skills of extreme medical practitioners and discover the intersection of entertainment and life-saving efforts in extreme medical missions. As well as how to navigate the biggest challenges faced by medical professionals, from bushfires to war zones. Experience the raw intensity of facing mortality in the line of duty and explore the personal challenges and risks inherent in extreme medicine and their impact on families.

We address global healthcare inequalities and the impact of extreme medicine on a global scale as well as recognising the role of AI and machine learning in driving innovation in healthcare. 

Tune in to embrace the courage needed to tackle life's Everest-sized challenges, both in medicine and beyond!

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